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12 Newnham street, Southbrook, Rangiora

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  Excavation   Lawns & Gardens    
  Diggers – 1/1/2 Ton   Lawn Mowers    
  Skidsteer - Bucket   Push Mowers  
    Trencher   Self Propelled Mower  
    Posthole Borer   Ride on Mower  
  Roller – 11/2 Ton Lawn Rollers    
  Laser Level   Dethatcher    
  Rollers   Lawn Levellers    
  Vibroll   Screed    
  Post Borers - Hydraulic Seeders    
    Hand Borers Fertiliser Spreaders    
  Tractors - Bucket Rotary Hoes    
    Stone Burier Chipper    
    Grader Blade Hedge Trimmers    
    Levelling Bar Pruning Gear    
    Grubbers Chain Saws    
  Tampa’s   Line Trimmer/Scrub Cutter   
  Plate Compacters   Leaf Vac    
      Wood Spliters    
  Painting   Trailer    
  Water Blasters   Motor bike    
  Steam Cleaner   Horse float    
  Spray Guns   Transporters    
  Airless Sprayers   Range of smaller trailers  
  Trestles & Planks   Tipping Trailer    
  Scaffolding   Furniture    
  Wall Paper Steamer       
  Floor Sanders        
  Concrete Work   Building    
  Concrete Mixers   Extension Cords    
  Concrete Breakers  Generators    
  Concrete Spud Vibrator Jig Saw    
  Trowels & small hand tools Ladders    
  Bull Float   Laser Level    
  Brick Saw   Laser Level    
  Tile Cutter   Measuring Wheel    
  Plate Compactors   Mitre Saw    
  Concrete Floor Saw  Water Pumps    
      Reciprocating Saw    
  Miscellaneous   Skill Saw    
  Porta Loos   Staple Gun    
  Wood Splitters   Dehumidifier    
  Diesel Heaters        
  Mechanical Tools   And Much More.      
  Welders   Call us with your requests